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Religion and Dating: Muslim, Mormon, Jewish, and being DIRECT

Hello everyone! Welcome to August! 

Today Angie and I discuss dating for people from more conservative/traditional backgrounds. We were both raised Mormon and I lived in Dubai for 7 years, so when I saw a question from one of our viewers about advice for dating outside of one’s religion/culture I was SUPER excited to broach the topic with Angie.

In this video we discuss our experiences with LDS rules about dating (yes, I finally learn the meaning of “heavy petting”) and our experiences dating outside of the religion we were raised with…i.e. dating (and marrying) Jewish men. 

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate:

00:54 – Dating within a culture

02:18 – Dating as a mormon

03:04 – We define petting & necking

05:24 – The rabbi story

07:50 – Jewish on dating app

09:15 – Advice for women from traditional backgrounds

11:04 – Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

12:48 – Solitude

13:30 – Dangers of seeking to “check a box”

Happy weekend!



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