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المرادف ل”يا” بالانجليزية – The equivalent of the Arabic “ya” in English

I love teaching English to native Arabic speakers. أحب أعلم الانجليزية لناطقين العربية، وكل فترة اسمع سؤال يأثر فيا لدرجة اني اصور فيديو عنه…اليوم نتكلم عن “يا” ومعناها بالانجليزية. For those of you learning Arabic, you may have heard about “ya” — to get someone’s attention before saying their name. In this video, we talk about […]

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Which Arabic Dialect Should You Learn? Linguist Responds

I saw this question on a reddit thread for Arabic learners. I genuinely dislike typing with my thumbs, so I figured a video response would be a good option (and one that can hopefully benefit many others, not just Reddit readers). In today’s video, we discuss the question of which Arabic dialect to learn. We talk […]

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How to FIX a BAD Arabic Tattoo: from a Translator

The internet loves to talk about “BAD” Arabic tattoos. What about how to fix them? Can a “bad” Arabic tattoo be fixed? How does one go about dealing with a “bad tattoo” situation? In this video, I talk about three common situations (inspired by our clients – thank you!): -When your Arabic tattoo is “backwards” (mirror image) -When […]

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