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Inshallah, Mashallah, and How To Use Them

What do the two phrases have in common? They both use the verb شاء ! And the noun الله.  When we think of “in sha’Allah” – a number of meanings come to mind. The best translation is something like “God willing.” But when you break it down, it means “that God willed.” Yes, past tense. […]

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Why Do Most People DROP OUT of Arabic Class?

Next month marks 10 years from my first Arabic class… Before I began studying the Al-kitaab method, I took an Arabic MSA intensive at Eton Institute. My teacher’s name was Raef Mahmoud. He was so great that I stuck with him for my whole MSA education. A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to […]

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لا نقول “عقبالك” بالانجليزية..ماذا نقول؟

I hope you are the next? In this video, we talk about the English equivalent of “عقبالك” and why it’s not often used in the US. The safer response to “congrats!” (for a wedding, baby, etc.) is simply “thank you!” في هالفيديو نتكلم عن المرادف ل”عقبالك” بالإنجليزية وليش ما نستخدمه في أمريكا. الرد الأكثر مناسب […]

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