You are currently viewing Al-Otaibi Dialect with Dr. Wafa Al-Otaibi! اللهجة العتيبية

Al-Otaibi Dialect with Dr. Wafa Al-Otaibi! اللهجة العتيبية

Let's chat about another Saudi dialect!

Hello everyone! 
As some of you may know, my Arabic nickname is “Hessah Al-Otaibi” (حصة العتيبي).
In this video, we chat about nuances that set apart Al-Otaibi “dialect” from other Najdi dialects of Arabic. For those of you new to Arabic–know that there are many, many different dialects and “Najdi” refers to a family of dialects in a region of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh and the surrounding areas). It’s not easy to say where exactly Najdi “starts” and Hijazi or other dialect families “begin,” as Saudi Arabia was founded with the unification of a group of Bedouin tribes. Different tribes come with different accents, idioms, proverbs, and nuances that make them unique. As certain words and phrases tend to pass/fade with each generation, I think Dr. Al-Otaibi’s work is fascinating and SO important for the preservation of language history. Hence my tendency to geek out during the video…
Hope you enjoy!

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