You are currently viewing ALL my furniture and What I Paid, Where I Got it, and MORE! Plus Moving Tips

ALL my furniture and What I Paid, Where I Got it, and MORE! Plus Moving Tips

Welcome to my crib!

Hello everyone! 
 I had been planning this video for ages but I ended up traveling for work at the end of January, so things got pushed to the edge of the back burner…
As you’ll hear me mention in the video, I LOVE putting together furniture in the same way that I love doing puzzles. I am also fiercely independent, so asking a friend to help with the last couple screws on that balcony swing was not easy. Then again, I didn’t mount the TV stand, TV, mirror, or shelves either (thank you Michael from Taskrabbit!)
Though I was gone for a month of Q1, I am immensely grateful to be here in Houston and to have met such fantastic people–both in person and virtually. Your kindness and support is overwhelming and humbling. 
A couple people have asked if I am going to do a Youtube channel just for Arabic learners. I thought about it and…well, if my channel was only about Arabic, I’d probably go crazy. That said, I do have a playlist here and will keep adding videos in the coming weeks/months! 
In this video, I take you through my apartment and go through the costs spreadsheet.
Spoiler alert: It was all under $3k!!
Hope you enjoy! 

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  1. Eri

    Hi Shannon- your videos are so random and eye opening! I actually see them because I learn about new topics, places and things that are out there. Just say trying new cuisine. Keep the videos coming! And also you are a joy to watch. I love your positivity and that you were so curious about different things. I am a 44-year-old woman and a big fan of yours. I hope you know that you have an audience of all ages;) I’m always wishing you the best!

    1. admin

      thank you so much!

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