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Americans who learned Arabic: meet Dr. Phil

Hello everyone! 

I am excited to introduce you to someone that I met at one of my Arabic-English Language Exchange Meetups.  His Arabic is SO impressive that I asked him to film an interview with me. 

Meet Phil Hoffman, a current PhD student at UCLA. In this video, we’ll talk about why he chose to learn Arabic, how he learned it, his involvement with the CIA *wink*, what he thinks of the “Al-Kitaab” method for Arabic learning (the same method I used to learn Arabic…), the religion of Islam, and tips for those of you who may be learning (or hoping to start learning) Arabic.

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Looking for an Arabic starter book? Here is the first in the Al-Kitaab method series, it’ll help with setting up a solid foundation. You got this:

Aaand…this is the exact book w/dvds we used to learn Arabic, that you see in the video:

Happy learning!

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