You are currently viewing Arabic Tattoos: Advice and MY Tattoo Story (from your fave translator)

Arabic Tattoos: Advice and MY Tattoo Story (from your fave translator)

Hey everybody!
  I recently re-watched the Arabic tattoo video I did about 3 years ago (if you haven’t seen it, here it is: 
One of the first things I noticed is how much quieter my voice is compared to the videos I do now. Sorry about that– had a very sensitive neighbor who would bang on the shared wall if I was being too loud, so had to muffle things a bit. 
Anyway, I re-watched the video and thought about things I can add or advice that I might change.  I noticed that as of the date of filming, it has 846 comments(!)
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Second, in reading the comments, I wanted to address a few things. More than a couple people have written “tattoos are not haram (forbidden) in Islam.” 
I did some research and talked to friends about it.  My Shia friends say they are ok (Shia make up about 10% of Muslims today), whereas my Sunni friends say NO WAY. 
I’m not a religious scholar (as you probably know), but it looks like in Shia Islam tattoos are not forbidden, so you got me on that one 🙂 
As some of you know, I was raised Mormon/LDS…and in the house I grew up in they were DEF not okay…
I almost did get a tattoo later on, when I was studying abroad in England. I was going to get something small, like a butterfly, on my lower back. I later found out that’s called a “tramp stamp” and I’m SO happy that I did not go through with it. 
If you want the full story, check out the video. 
Next topic: 
Someone commented that we should be using رب to mean “God.” Others have also said that non-Muslims should not be using the word الله ….
رب for God 
Again, I stand by what I said before– الله refers to God with a capital G. 
  As many of you know, I used to do free translations in the comments section of that video but stopped because it was becoming a daily thing and I couldn’t devote the time.  We now offer tattoo translations for a minimal fee — here is the link:
I left all my previous translations up on the old video, so feel free to Ctrl+F and look for your requested tattoo–it may be there already. I also published a blog post entitled “your 5 most requested tattoo translations” that may be of help:
Also, I’ve seen people ask for their tattoo translations in the comments and get responses from other Arabic speakers. Awesome!  Totally support this!
That said, please note that I don’t endorse anyone else’s translations
Another note on this topic: people have been messaging me on Instagram asking for free translations. Please stop–it’s bad karma. Support small businesses please. Thank you. 
The last thing I talk about this week is an experience I had in Santa Monica back in August/September. This should remind you of the importance of getting professional advice before you get a tattoo in a foreign language!
Arabic tattoo gone wrong
Arabic tattoo gone wrong!
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<3 See you soon!


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