I am not lucky.  You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.  Don't call me lucky.  Call me a badass.  -Shonda Rimes Note to self: You gotta do this for you.  This is for you.  This isn't about anybody.  Live for you.  Honor You.  Never lose sight of that.

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Your 5 Most-Requested Translations for Arabic Tattoos

Please note that we now have a tattoo translation service available for a minimal fee.  Link here: https://www.lahjaty.com/shop/arabic-tattoo-translation-one-tattoo/We posted a Youtube video a few months ago on general advice for Arabic tattoos.  I was happy to see many responses from people regarding their own ideas for Arabic tattoos, and replying to your comments has been both fun and gratifying.   the comments read (below, in Arabic): "The Westerners get so many dumb tattoos"Well, I'm not sure I…

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MUST Watch before getting an Arabic tattoo

As a translator, I get a lot of inquiries regarding tattoos in Arabic.  I've seen some great stuff and I've seen some...let's just say "not so great" stuff. For those of you new to the language, here is a bit of introduction.  In the below video, I address basics of Arabic script and a few common misconceptions. Hope it helps! Love, Shannon

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