Hang out vs. hung out

What is the difference between “hang out” and hung out”?

Good question! So, one is in the present tense and the other is past tense.

If I say “let’s hang out” — it is referring to now / or some time in the future (let us spend time together)

If I say, “we hung out” – it is referring to the past / (we had spent time together)

And re: what does it mean to “hang out”?

Well, hanging out can mean a bunch of different things…but the gist of it is that you are spending time (with someone) doing (something you might do in your spare time).

If I say “let’s hang out at my house!” I mean “come over to my house and spend some time with me there…” what you do is up to you — sleep, watch TV, play games, rest…

If you were coming over to clean or work, I wouldn’t call that “hanging out”…

Also, the noun “hangout” refers to a place where you like to “hang out” / gather with friends to spend time.

I would call the Arabic استراحة — like a “guy’s hangout” — from what I know of it, it’s like a place where guys meet up to hang out and play games/talk/ watch tv/ eat/ chill.

Hope this helps!


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