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How to find your ideal partner, start your own biz, and more! Meet Angie <3

I had a BLAST hanging out with Angie. As you’ll see in the video, she is one of the most fun, down-to-earth people you could imagine. 

When we finally sat down to catch up, I didn’t have a list of questions prepared. I thought maybe we’d talk about the real estate market, or the the insurance biz in LA…or things related to quarantine life. But then the camera started rolling and things just kind of…flowed. We talked about how we met, what it was like being raised Mormon (something we have in common), my traveling solo, Angie’s inspiring story that made me love her dad without even meeting him, the trick to finding your life partner…I even brought up the push-up bra I bought on Amazon for $20 (if you’re really interested, it’s this one:…

setting up
ahem…wearing the bra in this pic!

This video is a conversation with a dear friend. Hopefully you enjoy it!

Note: if you are impatient and want to cut straight to the trick for meeting your ideal partner…or the reason I often travel solo…see timestamps here:

01:24 How we met
01:48 Being raised Mormon/LDS
05:53 My Amazon bra
06:19 The holiday party at Tao
08:45 How to find your ideal life partner
09:10 Traveling solo
10:45 Starting your own biz
 Happy weekend!

Want to get in touch w/Angie? Here is her email: [email protected]

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