You are currently viewing I have 14 siblings. Here’s what I REALLY think about Only Children…

I have 14 siblings. Here’s what I REALLY think about Only Children…

I have 6 brothers and 8 sisters. I'm the 6th child of 15...and we have a lot to talk about.

Hey everyone!

Welcome back 🙂 as we wrap up the summer, I want to start by saying THANK YOU for Liking and Subscribing to my Youtube channel! Means the world to me <3 !!! (and if you haven’t done so, please take a minute and do it now!) 

One of the things I’ve been wanting to talk about is my background…me, the girl from a huge religious family. I know it’s going to take quite a few videos to even begin to convey what it was like, but I wanted to start with something that you may be able to relate to: that first date. Just getting to know someone new. Do you ask whether they have siblings? What their family was like? before doing this video, I really felt this question helped me gain insight into someone’s personality. However, the more I got to know my only-child friends, the more I realized that we are so much more similar than we are different, and that many of the “characteristics” attributed to “only children” are actually quite relevant to me…and so begins another video 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! Please leave your comments below!

Note regarding photos:  I blurred everyone’s faces out except mine and that of my older sister Jay (love you sis! <3)  xoxo


01:50 – Only child syndrome

02:40 – independence

03:49 – wanting big family

04:25 – seeking attention

05:09 – drive to succeed

05:55 – Wharton

07:00 – wanting to be spoiled

08:20 – solitude

08:43 – being entitled

10:30 – takeaways

big family
That's me in the rainbow/yellow shirt in front!
fam reunion pic
Family reunion pic! I'm on the far right (again, in yellow!)

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  1. kay durham

    you are absolutely adorable and a breath of fresh air.

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