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Pranked my Nephew: Halloween in Houston

Halloween in Houston 2020 was not what I expected...

It was much better!

First — for those of you watching the video, you’ll see the promo I did for Ana Luisa jewelry Black Friday — thank you AL NY! Love my new bling. Remember to check them out via the link in the Description box on Youtube:

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate:

2:08 – meet Daniel F. 

2:25 – Covid test for my aunt

4:45 – Cootie alert

4:55 – my uncle dances

5:23 – Halloween origin 

5:50 – Atti shows us his candy & toys

6:26 – social distancing creativity

8:13 – Halloween in Dubai

8:46 – Political yard signs 

10:11 – Pranking Atti 


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