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Ranked #1 Best City for 3 Years in A Row? My First Trip to Austin

Hey everybody,

I recently returned from my first trip to Austin. A bit of background reading:

Austin, Texas was rated #1 US City to live in for three years in a row according to US News and World Report. I noticed that this was for 2017-2019 (it looks like they didn’t do a 2020 ranking…probably because of…a certain pandemic that’s made the last 4 months feel like a year).

I live in LA and it was ranked #107 in the 2019 report. Out of 125.

LA ranked 107
The US News ranking system evaluates the country’s “125 most populous metropolitan areas based on affordability, job prospects and quality of life.”
The “Best Places to Live” were determined by a number of factors, including a public survey of thousands of individuals throughout the country to find out what qualities they consider important in a hometown. They also use data from the Census Bureau, the FBI, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and US News rankings for Best Schools and Best Hospitals in the country.
I wanted to see for myself what makes Austin so great. The 4th of July was coming up and I have relatives in Texas, so it was the perfect opportunity to check out the city.
Mt Bonnell
As you can see in the video, I had an amazing time. I’d go back in a heartbeat.  The people are great – super friendly, gas is cheap, there are a ton of hikes and outdoorsy things to do, and they have this place called “Buc-ee’s,” which is…well, a gas station but so much more that that.
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If you’ve been to Austin or if you live there now, let me know what you think of the city. What do you like? What bothers you? Write it down below!
Happy weekend!

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