Thanks for coming to our first Arabic-English Exchange MeetUp!

Our first Meetup event was last Saturday, January 18th at Layali Cafe/Marsa Restaurant & Shisha on Wilshire (or as one of my friends calls it, “Wilshrine”).

The crew at our Arabic-English Language Exchange!

According to the group page, we had 15 RSVPs. Expecting only half to show up, I asked the restaurant to prep a table for 8. I remember walking in at 5:50pm and seeing 5 people already sitting down. Tbh I was a little nervous — because I’ve never done a MeetUp before, and I still get anxious in front of people (on camera is totally different!).

I was so energized by the talent, passion, and kindness I saw on Saturday evening. 12 people came to meet and chat — some native Arabic speakers, some beginners, and some very fluent non-native speakers. It was a pleasure getting to know each other and talking about what we would like to do in future meetups.

I want to again thank everyone for coming! We are already looking at venues for the next meetup, so stay tuned! <3 And leave your ideas/comments/feedback in the comments here, and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

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