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What I Wish I’d Known 15 Years Ago about Skincare

Hey everybody! 

I’ll start by saying that it’s taken me a while to get to a place where I feel comfortable talking about my skincare…15 years ago I was SUPER self-conscious and embarrassed about my skin. I would wash my face twice a day and do all the things I thought you’re supposed to do…but it didn’t seem to help. Back then I didn’t know about supplements and nutrition. I’ve come to understand that it all starts from the inside. When you are healthy and getting all the nutrients you need, it shows in your skin, eyes, and teeth.

This video is for my friend on the east coast <3

Here are timestamps to help you navigate:

00:42 – How To Prevent Adult Acne
01:06 – Accutane
02:55 – Evening Primrose Oil
03:45 – Vitamins/supplements
05:00 – Micellar water
05:45 – Perfect Whip face wash
06:22 – Regimen (not regiment!)
06:30 – Hyaluronic acid
06:43 – Moisturizer with SPF
06:50 – Eye cream
06:57 – Moisturizer
07:10 – Kora Organics Turmeric mask
07:42 – LuluLun masks
08:05 – ROC night cream
08:25 – Nassif MD hydroscreen serum
09:03 – How to get rid of acne scars?
09:30 – CO2 Laser & microneedling
09:57 – How does one get a natural glow?
Links to products I use: 

Evening Primrose Oil:

Perfect Whip Face wash:

Trader Joe’s Serum:

Moisturizer with SPF:

TJ’s moisturizer:

Lululun Masks:

ROC night cream:

Nassif Hydroscreen serum:

Adult skincare
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