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How to Respond (Politely) in Arabic

Ever since I started learning Arabic, I've been getting questions about religion.

People would say “well, since you’re learning Arabic, have you thought about Islam?” or “now you speak Arabic all you need to do is become Muslim.”

 As I have mentioned before, I’m spiritual not religious and often find these questions a bit personal and/or uncomfortable. I was raised in a religion that I did not choose (Mormon/LDS) and although I’m grateful for some skills that I learned growing up—e.g. memorizing scriptures as a kid helped me get better at memorizing scripts and Arabic words—I don’t partake in any organized religion. 

After getting questions about Islam more times than I could count, I asked my Arabic teacher for a polite response that would show I’m not interested in talking about religion…the phrase is from the Quran:

لكم دينكم ولي دين 

In today’s video, we talk about how you can politely respond to questions about religion, and much more! Hope you enjoy. 

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