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It’s Not About The SIZE, It’s How You Use It: GoPro Hero 7 for newbies

  In February I got my first GoPro. It’s a Hero 7.  I filmed the unboxing before my trip to Cuba. As you can see in the video, I was surprised by how small it really is. The videos I’d seen of it always seemed to make it look bigger(!) 
The size was a bit of a surprise, but once I got over that I started watching a ton of Youtube video tutorials on how to use my GoPro.
The videos out there are great. Very helpful. However…there are a few things the videos definitely DID NOT talk about (because they were all done by men?! who knows)
I’m going to address them here.
As you can see, the buttons are small. The camera is small to begin with, but as you can see, opening and closing parts of it can be VERY difficult. And my nails are not long. In the video you’ll see me opening the battery compartment and also inserting the GoPro in the casing/protecting housing…and taking it out. 
Sorry about brandishing a knife at the camera. Not my intention to be violent. Just demonstrating possible tools for un-snapping that housing. 
gopro hero 7
On a related note, I accidentally broke one of the rider mounts for my GoPro. The instruction manual did not make it clear how one is supposed to use it…and I didn’t think it was 100% intuitive either. So hopefully my video clears things up and prevents anyone else from breaking their accessories. 
Next topic: Battery Life.
Keep in mind that it’s not super long. It will last about an hour and a half to two hours for video.  Try to bring a spare and a charger if you plan on filming for extended periods of time. 
Time Lapse and Underwater:
During my trip, I used the Time lapse function — legit! Check out some of the footage I took in Old Havana. Not bad! I also used my GoPro while snorkeling (check out the vid here: 
It’s waterproof up to a depth of 10M/33 feet.
GoPro App:
Free on the app store, this app can control your GoPro and allow you to view media remotely. LOVE this app. It also has a Livestream function. 
gopro app
Quality of Footage:
It’s great! That said, I’m glad I still brought my Canon to Cuba. The GoPro has its own distinct uses…things that your phone can’t do, and it can go places that the Canon may not be appropriate for (like hiking…and anything underwater). 
Overall, I’m happy that I got it!
It’s the ideal tool for filming things outdoors, and a lot lighter than my Canon…also I love that it’s extremely sturdy. I could probably bang it against rocks or drop it down a waterfall and it would still be fine. I wouldn’t try that with my DSLR camera! 
Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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