You are currently viewing Eastern Saudi Dialect with Khaled! اللهجة الشرقاوية

Eastern Saudi Dialect with Khaled! اللهجة الشرقاوية

Let's chat about Saudi dialects!

Hello everyone! 
  Happy Friday! I was fortunate to sit down with my friend Khaled for another chat — this time about a particular Saudi dialect- Sharqawi (اللهجة الشرقاوية). As some of you know, there are many, many different Arabic dialects. Even within a single country you’re likely to find multiple dialects/regional accents/cool idioms and proverbs.
I’m hoping this dialect vid is the first of many–partly because I geek out at learning new Arabic words, and partly because “lahjaty” means “my dialect.”
Speaking of new words and geeking out, this week’s video also includes a chat about the new Arabic verb that means “to get COVID.” Brilliant. What a beautiful language–and one that does not cease to excite me. 
Hope you enjoy!

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