RBF – or BRF…Bitch Resting Face

So…I laughed when I got this question! I had heard of something called “BRF” a few years ago, but most people say “RBF”? Go figure.

I spoke about it on Snapchat yesterday — basically, it means…well, I’ll let Huff Post tell you:

“Resting Bitch Face, or RBF for short, is an increasingly rife cultural advent describing a facial expression, or lack thereof, conveying a particular mix of irritation, judgment, or boredom.”

Yes, I’ve had experiences where I thought someone was upset at me / angry because of RBF.

No, I haven’t been told that I have it / though once in college someone said about me “she’s so unapproachable” — ! Since then I’ve def. changed, I’m a happier person than I was during my college days, so maybe I used to have RBF, not sure!

Here is a Youtube vid about RBF that you may find useful:

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